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Asian Invasion
Jacaranda Lounge is a popular beach club in Ibiza, Spain. The founder of Jacaranda, Mandy Hayes, who grew up in Ibiza and is a regular visitor to Thailand. She is creating exclusive Ibiza parties here in Thailand. We have great knowledge of the clubbing world of Ibiza and wants to bring some of the Ibiza vibe to Thailand. Her great knowledge of Ibiza and the clubbing scene means she has a lot of friends that work and operate in Ibiza, so she will be attracting some big names in the business from the Ibiza nightlife scene. She has chosen the three top Island destinations that reside in Thailand to act as a promoter for Ibiza party asia. The first Island is Phuket, the largest Island in Thailand, the second is the largest Island in the Gulf of Thailand which is Koh Samui and the third place will be Pattaya which is one of the top destinations in Thailand for tourism. These locations are where some of the events will be hosted over the coming year which have been carefully selected to give party-goers a great choice of venues to enjoy the Ibiza party experience.

Jacaranda Lounge – Ibiza Party Asia can create an exclusive party in your venue with the infulence of Ibiza, created by people from Ibiza.

Just some selected artists and performers that we work with plus many more.

Dane Bowers


DJ Rick Live


DJ PAKA Thailand






Dont miss this great Ibiza event to be hosted in Thailand

Chateau Dale Beach Club - Koh Samui

Date - 8 April 2017