About Ibiza

Ibiza has been the mecca of electronic and dance music since the 1970‘s when world-famous club Pacha, KU, Amnesia and Space opened their doors and set the standard for discotheques’ the world over. Since then, many iconic clubs and DJ’s have passed through Ibiza ‘s notoriously energetic and creative island, leaving industry professionals and club-goers alike with a taste in their mouth of how the party should be. Each year Ibiza parties are as busy as ever and still the trend continues to the present date.

Why an Ibiza Party in Thailand

During the summer months Ibiza is the place to be for parties, but during the winter months from October to April the Island comes to a stop with the colder weather and very fewer tourists. So Jacaranda Lounge, is taking the parties to another destination for the winter months. Keeping the same spirit and theme of Ibiza, Jacaranda Lounge will be having 3 events in Thailand during the months of February and March when the weather is warmer, starting with Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya. These 3 events located in already established venues, will host these parties under the guidance of people from Ibiza bringing along with it some very interesting Ibiza DJ’s, artists and performers. Thailand is a top destination from Europe during the winter months. So with the parties being active in Thailand we can start a new trend of Ibiza parties in Asia.